what is the best harley bike and why?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by brownfoxx1, Jul 10, 2011.

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    best color too.
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    That's really a matter of personal preference. Are you riding around town, touring or both? Do you need lots of storage or just a bit? Are you riding solo or 2 up? Do you prefer the look of baggers, cruisers or trikes? It's all up to you. Harley makes a variety or bikes each with their own pros and cons. You might want to talk to some people who ride and get their opinions, talk with a dealer, sit on some bikes and take some test rides. As far as color goes, IMO, Black is beautiful!.
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    How long is a piece of string?
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    I second what "FLHTRider" said, all depends on the type of riding you intend to do. However, I will reccomend that you consider this question a while and not just dive in. The bike you buy will be with you for some time unless you can afford to lose the depreciation by trading up prematurely.
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    The best one ever made is the FXR's.
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    The one you know the one your on could really be
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    I absolutely agree that you should really be honest about what you want for a bike. I've had Sportsters. Super Glides, Electra Glides, Road Kings, etc. I sold my Electra Glide back in 1999 because a guy made me "an offer I couldn't refuse" and my wife stopped riding with me, so we took no more trips. I lived very happily with an FXD and REALLY liked that bike, but then two years ago, I "thought" I wanted a Road King, so I traded my FXD for a very nice Road King that bored me to tears. I never took that bike more than 150 miles from home, and while it's a nice bike, it's overkill for what I was using it for. Besides that, I realized I missed my Super Glide a LOT. So, at age 60, I just traded my 2007 Road King Classic for a 2011 Super Glide Custom, and I'm a happy camper once again. I didn't NEED a tourer, just liked the way a Road King looked. But don't let that sway you away from what you want in a bike. Just be honest about what you're gonna use it for. Baggers are the craze at the moment, but hang out at your local dealer some Saturday and ask the guys who come in on baggers how FAR they actually go on them, and most only run around the area on the weekends, no more than 100 miles or so. Some people DO travel quite a ways on them, and if that's YOU, they're great bikes. But I believe the majority just have one because they're the "popular" bike right now. I LOVE the Dyna family, and for me, they're ALL the bike you'd ever need, plus they still have the "fun" factor. Because of that, for ME, I'll have to say the Dyna Super Glide Custom is Harley's BEST bike! :s
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    The best Harley is like the best woman. Mine is best for me, yours is best for you. If there was a BEST, they would only make that model and color.:newsmile011:
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    The best Harley to purchase is the one you can best afford and that will cover all the desires and expectations you wish to do with it.