What is Fuelpack? and slip on related questions...

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by red33m, May 22, 2010.

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    Hello everyone!

    So recently I have been looking around some slip ons... I was trying to find out the right sound for me. And so I ended up on the Vance and Hines monster ovals. But I have a few questions: What is Fuelpack? Do I have to install it with the slip ons? If I don't will this cause damage to the bike or the slip ons?

    And finally I like deep tone slip ons that are quiet when I cruise and loud when I need...are there any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

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    The V&H Monster ovals change your air flow so much that you really need to get a either a stage 1 air cleaner or a K&N. More air out means it needs more air and fuel in. You will also require either a remap or a fuel pak to regulate fuel/air combo. A fuel pak would be the better choice as it regulates the air/fuel combo to each cylinder in each gear, also it gives you more choices as to which type of performance you may wish to have. It's not cheap but will help you get the most out of your engine without having to start changing engine components.
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    With the TFI you can do the slip ons now and when you get ready for the A/C you can get out the screw driver and tweek the TFI to what you need at NO cost. Nice unit IMO and it keeps you away from the $tealers and add some new zip to the bike and priced right.
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    You don't need to add anything if you're just changing mufflers, but your bike will be happier with a little more fuel. I had a fuelpak on my bike for about a year, and it ran GREAT. I'd still have it on, but I changed cams this year, and V&H just doesn't have the fuelpak set up for upgraded cams. If all you're doing is a stage I, it works just fine. There's other systems that do work better, but they usually involve more money. With a feulpak, you just plug it into your bikes ECM, and set about 20 values directly into the fuelpak. No computer needed. If you're running V&H slip ons, even better, as their maps are really geared to bikes running their exhaust. The fuelpak gets knocked by a lot of guys, due mostly to the fact that it can't be dyno tuned, but for lots of guys who don't want to dyno tune their bikes, it works just fine.

    V&H says you need a stage I air cleaner if you're using a fuelpak, but it works just fine with the stock air cleaner. It will probably be running a little rich at full throttle, but most guys riding baggers don't run WOT all that much.

    The TFI adjusts a lot like a carburetor. If you're comfortable with making adjustments on a carburetor, you should be right at home with the TFI.
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    I put on the Monster Ovals w/Drak air cleaner and a PCV, totally different bike afterwards. Slip ons sound better now than they did 1500 mi ago when I first put them on. They had a low rumble and were kind of quiet when I installed them and wondered if I did right but now they are starting to "bark" and sound alot better, I expect them to let a little more noise through as they age.