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What is an S&S engine?

English Mike

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I know your all probably sighing:24: but at half a century + in years and finally realising my dream of a HD I am reading everything at the minute. I see many references to 'S&S'. What does this mean please?

Thanks for your patience.

English Mike
They do fit the frames if that's what you mean but as far as parts interchangability between the engines themselves , can't answer that one from experience.
S&S makes very high quality, Replacement HD parts, direct fit, and about any High performance HD engine part you could want. As well as their own line of HD engines, and the new X Wedge V twin & Pro Stock V twin. Also they made the motors for the last round of Indian Motorcycles.
They also make the most popular HD replacement carburetor.
And they now have transmissions and anything you need to hook it all up.