What is a 103 kit?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Burnster, Feb 4, 2010.

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    Looking to buy a2009 Electra Glide Standard and the guy had a 103 kit installed before he took it home from the dealership. He doesn't know what they did to it but in his words "it has lots of power and sounds nice". I've talked to e a few guys but can't seem to get a consistent reply.
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    Depends on who made and/or installed the kit. But everything I read is positive. Latest road test of the new Ultra Classic Limited for 2010 is all good comparing it favorably to the SE CVO 110"
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    As was said, the previous owner went from a 96 cubic inch to a 103 cubic inch engine and that means that the dealer/builder either put new cylinders on the bike with new pistons or bored the cylinders out as well as adding the larger pistons (to now fit the newer larger bore). It's possible that other things were done such as a cam but it depends on what "version" of 103 kit was installed. Just because it was installed by a harley dealer doesn't mean it was all SE parts. My dealer promotes woods cams, wiseco pistons and boring the cylinders over buying SE cylinders which are known not to be the best boring job you can get.
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    I had the 103 done on my bike before I ever rode it. Typically, the dealer will install new jugs, pistons and the 255 cams. I'm fairly certain the bike also has a quality intake, exhaust and a HD download (minimum).....this seems to be what most dealers do.
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    Doesn't the 103 stage IV come w/ the 110+ heads?? You may not be able to get that across the pond?? But, I bet if this guy had the Stage IV installed, he would definitely be able to tell you!!:newsmile093: The heads would have the Screamin' Eagle script on them. Probably looking at a Stage 1 (Jugs and flat top pistons) or a Stage II (Jugs, flat tops, and cams).