what head pipes to use 09 or 10&up

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by haman66, Nov 8, 2012.

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    any tuner out there say witch o2 sensor location is better i know when i tryed to auto tuned a 010 road king i had t move the sensors up to the heads im looking at v-twims head pipes for my 012 road glide and i can get them down on the bottom 10 & up or 09 by the heads i know when you take the catts out the sensors dont get hot enough
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    I am not a tuner but have been researching this subject a bit. The '09 head pipe is pretty good and no cat with bung locations near the heads. At that location, the 18mm O2 sensors should be used. If you remove the cat from a later head pipe, the O2 sensors won't heat up as designed and the readings will be erratic making a Vtune or tuning with any auto tuner, like the TMax or PC Vision very difficult.
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