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    FXDC to be delivered in two weeks or so, and checking out the little building it is going into. Anyone know the absolute width of this bike?

    My present bike has flat track bars and no turn signals, so the 34 1/2 inch door opening seems fine.

    The stock bars on the FXDC are 30 1/2", so I should have plenty of room.
    But since I don't have the bike in front of me, what sticks out further if anything?

    I can pull in the clutch and brake a bit, but I need to power up an incline as well where I hope it does not top side.

    Or do the old aim it, get one bar in, lean it over, and get the next bar in. (EDIT)
    Or just sell the (EDIT) house.

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    Wow, be careful with the language...but we all know your malaise. A standard doorway 34" is NOT what you want for a drive in shelter for your bike. You lose an inch and a half for the door/hinge width. And an 800 lb bike under power duck walking the bike is not that accurate to pass, especially for your daily driver. The slightly wider door standard is 36" (I used this one for handicapped wheelchair entry, but again you lose that 1 1/2 " and split the difference left for both left and right bars...barely works going in. Many pre-built sheds have "french" style doors, basically double doors. Probably a better choice for you...but more of a custom rather than "pre-hung" one. JMO :s