What do you look for in a rally????

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by badbird, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. badbird

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    I'm helping put on the MS HOG rally this year that's gonna be in Natchez MS next Sept 16-19. I've done 6 before but would like to see what people want today.

    So for your rally dollar....
    Would you expect a rally pin?

    Would you expect a rally shirt?

    Would you like to eat free each night?

    Would you like to have a big name band?

    Would you be happy with local no-name bands but lots of them?

    Would you expect discussion groups for riding info?

    Would you expect vendors(what type)?

    Would you be happy with off site vendors that the public can see too?

    Do you expect a 50/50 drawing?

    Do you expect a poker run?

    Do you want a parade like (closing the MS river birdges to HD traffic only)?

    Would you like group competion like chapter against chapter or one on one?

    What would you consider the most you would pay?

    What would you consider the most for a room you want to pay?

    And of course what combination of the above would make you the happiest?

    Of course each rally has to break even so there's a limited budget and attendance drives what you can do. The more registered the more you can spend for food or bands.

    Andy suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. glider

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    Hobbit....when and where, got an extra bed? :lolrolling
  3. Fourdogs

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    I wanna go to Hobbit's Rally!
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    All those things are interesting but, for me, the best thing about any gathering of folks, bikers or not, is the pure "people watching." Beer tents, tattoo parlors, live music just enhance the people watching. Patches and pins are important to some but not at all to others so they should be available but not part of the rally package cost - purchased separately. Vendors make for interesting window shopping but I don't think a lot of people make big ticket purchases at these events, unless they drink too much that is! I also don't go to rallies for study sessions or informational lectures, whatever you want to call it. If most of your attendees will be from the local area or state, I doubt if an organized ride would be that attractive since they'd know most of the roads anyway.
  5. glider

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    What happened to the guy in the middle? :lolrolling
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    So Hobbit, can I assume you are the shorter one in the pic????:lolrolling
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    If I ever get across the pond, I want to go to one of your rallies.
  8. Rootdog

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    Wow, Natchez,MS 39120. My hometown having a HOG Rally? Most all my life was spent in Natchez,and there was never anything that even resembled or looked like a rally, ever took place in Natchez. I would think that the women of the Pilgrimage Garden Club a.k.a. THE BLUE HAIRED MAFIA, would not let a bunch of (friendly),(kind),(law abiding) bikers in their TOWN. Whether you know it or not, the BLUE HAIRED MAFIA sets the rules of the city. Thats why its a CERTIFIED RETIREMENT COMMUNITY. As the sign states as you are coming into town. Don't get me wrong, I love Natchez, It's a beautiful old town. Oldest town on the Mississippi River. I would consider going back for a visit if this rally happens. Been gone for almost 10 yrs now. A HOG Rally in Natchez would rank way up there on the list of reasons to go back to visit.
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    I think there is a type of people watching going on in the Adult Tent at Hobbit's Rally - just not all that pure:lolrolling :D