What Brand Bike Did You Ride Prior to HD?

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  1. 09StdGlide

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    What caused me to wonder about this is the varity of used bike brands I see at my local dealership...seen several BMWs, Gold Wings, Victories and assorted metrics and thought it interesting.

    Personally, my last 3 bikes were BMWs...great bikes but the cost of parts and $100/hr labor drove me away from the brand. Also had a Valykrie, Royal Star and a 98 Sporty.

    What were you guys riding prior to your move to HD and why did you switch to HD?
  2. RUSHMORE_14

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    1st bike was a 2006 Softail Springer Classic
    2nd and current bike is 2009 Heritage.

    took my test on a Buell

    Got inspired to ride and own a HD back in '91. My cousin had a Dyna Low Rider. It' s been everything I had imagined. :D
  3. rugg

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    I still have but have not rode it a while is a 96 1100 Honda Shadow ACE I love like my 06 EG Classic.
  4. AZDave

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    750 Honda Shadow 2007 still in my Garage up for sale when my friends are riding it. "Im just a nice guy"
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    Re: What Brand Bike Did You Ride Proir to HD?


    Still my favorite way to spend a nice Sunday morning.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    One of the 1st 2 wheel motorized homebrew thangs I rode was this Tote Goat...


    Only it was not as nice a sample as this (no safety screen as shown) and plain sponge foam seat. My friend had modified it to be steam powered after we ran the motor into the ground...outfitted with flash boiler (hardly any warmup time and fired from crankcase oil drainings) seat caught on fire the last time I rode it...but it was FUN, nice to know 12 year olds could have such fun and not get killed in the process! :laugh

    Fast forward to motorcycles I threw my hard earned college money on, Yamahas, Honda and Suzuki, all good, all fast and predictably as much fun as my thirst for twisties and speed increased...then I decided I did not want engine 90HP at 10,000 RPM, pumped up arms and constant rowing of the gear box to keep me happy...torque is just fine one potato, two potato at a time!:D
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    Like Richard, I started out on a small 90cc bike. Mine was a Suzuki though. That was about 39 years ago. Cool bike with a kick lever that would switch the gear ratios from a low end dirt mode to a higher street ratio. It was great, back then the great state of Nevada would give a fourteen year-old with a motorcycle under 100cc's a street legal drivers license. Didn't see much of my parents after I got that machine. (Maybe that's why they helped get it).

    A few years ago I tried a Yamaha Roadstar for a couple of years, but quickly got tired of that beast. I ride a 2006 FXDLI Lowrider now. This is about the right size for now being much more nimble than the baggers, but I'll probably get to one of those in a few years.
  8. billyd1

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    Dads homemade minibikes in the '60s then honda & yamaha. I'm no longer a wanna be now though!
  9. bfmitch

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    The last bike I owned before I bought a Harley was a 350 Honda Street Scrambler. Wasn't much for cruising but was OK for around town.

    Fast forward about 28 years and I finally got the Sportster I'd wanted since 1967 (before Bronson for those who remember) but could never afford. The Sportster lasted for one season (I'm not as small as I used to be) and I got a Road King.
  10. The4opps1

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    Started in the 60's with a BSA Shooting Star followed by a Lightning 650. Then my riding took a hiatus for a time. Got back into it a while back with a Kawasaki which I rode until the Ultra..