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what bike is this (yes a noob question)

g'day fellas

i stumbled across ya site looking to find out what a particular bike is but before i do that a little intro

i'm a minibike rider
i ride dirt and luv it
i really apreciate the harleys but road just aint my thing

my favorite bike is the 65 panhead
they look sic as preferably in blue

now can you fellas identify this bike for me i've got a framed shot of it up on my wall and i really like the look of the bike
but not knowing what it is is
here's some pics let me know

Looks like a modified softail with a shovel head motor , belt primary drive with some other modifications too. Not a new vintage.
its meant to look like a rigid but the suspension is under the frame two pull shocks mounted horizontally are used very clever nice to ride but then im bias'd as i ride a softail :D

yeah i see it now

thanks bloke

and yeah i reckon a spriger would set it off nicely

what did ya edit i'm a moderator myself for [edited] and i know what us noobs are like
sorry for the hassel

but thats heaps for the quick reply

here's a pic of my ride just for a laugh


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