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What are the oldest parts sitting in your garage?


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Funny how you can accumulate older harley parts over the years. I have an old 48 Rachet Top Tranny, Suicide Shift Linkage and CatsEye dash.
I have a 64 Duo Glide (orginal stock) sitting in the shop. it will idle for a short minute. needs major work. it has been sitting in a barn since 1973......thats old parts, Right?
1977 Honda cb740K. Completely torn down and and bagged or boxed. Anything I wasn't sure about I photographed. A complete rebuild is going to be my summer project.
I have heaps of Triumph parts from the Seventies as I am doing up 1 at the moment.
Have an antique bike collection, so lots of old parts potential.

As far as parts officially in a box, oldest would be some odds and ends from a 1920 Indian Scout or a 1925 Henderson 4 cylinder.

Oldest part in terms of time spent in the garage would be a 1964 Sportster primary gasket hanging on the wall since 1970.