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What are some of your riding styles?


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Just curious as to the traits everyone has in thier riding styles. Anyone have a good luck phobia they have to do.

I use my heel to shift up and toe to shift down. Except first.
Usually put the bike in neutral at red lights.
Unless I'm in stop and go traffic I use the back brake to slow down with the front as an assist only.
I usually rest my fingers on the brake and clutch levers unless the road is rough or approaching a sharp corner and I rarely ride with one hand. Fingers never get tired this way.
When the wife gets on she stands on the rear footpad which gives her some height to clear the back rest. I have a habit to leave the kick stand out until she is on and usually put it out before she gets off. Figure if my foot ever slips on that side at least it will prevent the bike from going over on that side.
I usually leave a pretty good gap between me and the vehicle in front of me and stay in gear at a red light, that way I can move if I have to. your front brake does the majority of your stopping, and I usually dont cover the clutch or brake unless in alot of stop-n-go traffic
I try to keep the shiny side up. I ususally ride with clothes on. I stop for things that are bigger than I am. I stay on my side of the road, except when I don't. Frequently you can see me stopping to relieve my bladder. Old age is a bummer.
I usually just get on and go, where I end up nobody knows,and thats the way I like it.I like to ride far fast and often and avoid the crowds,maby thats why I keep having to buy those tires.
Full leather full face helmet Stop at least 10 feet from the car in front In first gear if you need to make a quick escape. Ride Safe Doug
:14:I use my toe to shift up and down cause I have been to lazy to adjust the floor board and/or shifter so its not so high. I should have had this adjusted when I bought it. I almost always put the bike in neutral at lights unless I know they are short. I keep either my hand on brake or foot on brake to keep brake light on when stopped. I rarely use the rear brake as it don't do much except lock the rear wheel unless I have my lady with me. Front brake on new bikes stop real good (much better than my old flhs) . I carry or wear a biker angel pin my wife gave me cause she believes I am protected when I wear or carry it. ( I got hurt real bad a couple of years ago when a cage ran into me and I didn't have it then so I won't argue. If it helps, COOL!) I like to ride a lot and usually by myself or with my lady. I don't like group rides unless the group likes to RIDE. I can't go out for a ride to the bar and sit and just hang out, when I go out it's usually at least 100 miles or more and I don't stop till my butt hurts or I am hungry.
Kinda depends some on which bike I'm on but in general I'm pretty laid back. Been ridin a long time and getting older not sure about wiser and got the speed thing outa my system a long time ago. Seldom run more that 5mph over the speed limit wear a helmet in states that require them don't in states that don't. FLHT is the first time I've ever owned a bike with a heal and toe so don't use it just the toe. After 40 years in the wind it just feels wierd using my heal. Would rather go slower and see the sights along the way then get there in a hurry. Still catch myself sticking an arm out to signel for a turn instead of using the blinker button. Always leave the bike in gear at stops when you hear a screech of tires behind you the first time you'll understand why. Learning to use my front brakes more since for years i rode with a spindle in front no brake but I'm getting there. Never ride with my fingers on the clutch or brake unless I'm gonna use em. bout covers the basics I guess.
. Always leave the bike in gear at stops when you hear a screech of tires behind you the first time you'll understand why.

Hear you on this, first time it happened to me I was wearing the foam glasses, couldn't turn around far enough to see what was happening. Raining and heavy traffic in front of me. Just tensed up waiting for it.
Right foot by brake at all times. I will never install highway pegs on my bike. Left thumb covering horn at all times while in traffic. When group riding I prefer the outside or curb position to avoid straying oncoming traffic.