What Am I Hearing???

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Buckwild Biker, May 2, 2008.

  1. Buckwild Biker

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    Okay, first off, I'm a new rider (October 2007), and first-time Harley owner (new Dyna Super Glide Custom 2007), so I don't know if I'm hearing anything unusual or not. I only have about 700 miles on the girl so far.

    Anyway, the sound I hear when on the bike and riding, is not the powerful sound I hope people are hearing when I ride past. Is the sound from behind the bars different than what passerbys hear? Is it my perspective? I almost wish I could hear my own bike with someone else riding it.

    I think when riding I am hearing the sound of the motor more than the pipes if you get my meaning. It almost sounds as though I hear a ticking sound coming from the motor...does that make sense? Maybe the lifters or something??? I don't know if what I am hearing is normal or not. The bike seems to be running good. When the bike is sitting idol, and I stand beside it and I roll on the throttle it sounds fine.

    Any input for this new guy who has very little experience to base my assumptions on?

    Thanks, Buckwild
  2. SilverFoXD

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    Sounds normal.

    Pick up a mechanic's stethoscope at Harbor Freight (under $5) and listen to the engine through that. You'll know then what our engines are supposed to sound like, with the lifters, injectors, chains, and all moving around in there.

    As long as the plugs look good and you keep up the maintenance, don't worry. If something does act up you'll be able to recognize the problem more easily.
  3. HarleyHarry

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    I think you hear what we all hear Buckwild. I certainly do. The sound from the exhausts is projected away from you (which is towards your spectaters) It's much like sitting behind that brand new set of speakers in your living room and not in front.
    I'm not sure if I can hear my lifters/rockers but I'm sure the sound is different from what passers-by hear.
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  4. gunnut

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    I'm the same,I stood a couple feet away from mine and all I hear is Screaming eagle pipes.I also found out when your mounted,you can listen to the engine and hear all kinds of noises,depending what your concentrating on.Spooky,but no big deal.
  5. glider

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    What you are hearing is about normal. You'll hear valve train noises in most all twin cam engines when you are riding.
  6. Fourdogs

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    I'm with you Buck...I also was very surprised at how mine sounded as well. I even thought my pipes were quiet even after a bit of a upgrade till I had someone roll the throttle as I stood behind the bike...Dang its pretty darn loud after all. While I'm setting on it I do hear nosies like loose stuff rollin around underneath me :D...Its all normal I've been told and it keeps on tickin and tickin..or maybe clickin and clickin....Soooooo just hop on roll the throttle and enjoy the ride...:bigsmiley17:
  7. R. Lewis

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    A short piece of a wooden broom handle will work also! :cheers
  8. Idaho John

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    Buckwild: I went through much the same when I bought my first Bob. I was sure the bike was falling apart...then after swallowing my pride and asking what I thought was a dumb question of my favorite service tech at my dealership, he laughed and told me that a Harley was a noisy motor and that the only time to get worried is if you didn't hear the lifters and all the other wonderful sounds that the Twin Cam makes when your riding. Also I am with the earlier writer...I rode a Wide Glide with short shots recently and my head hurt and my ears rang for a good hour afterward. I kind of like the stock pipes and the sounds the engine makes...it is relaxing for me.

    Enjoy your bike!:hii

    Idaho John
  9. Buckwild Biker

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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks so much for the feedback. I feel much better now. I guess I was expecting the motor to sound really beefy from atop the seat, and it sounds a little thin...sort of like what Gary said...a loud sewing machine. I was almost thinking that I should take it back early to the dealer for the 1000 mile check up. Now after your great responses I just want to jump on her and ride like the wind! :)

  10. R. Lewis

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    RIDE , Ride like the wind to be free again!!! Hope you enjoy every mile Buck!!!