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    Had to take a day and cool down a bit before I posted.
    Our club rode from the coast to Abita Springs La. yesterday to visit the UCM Museum and Abita Grill Pub. There were around 15 of us that went. Beautiful day for a ride and good company. We landed at the pub for lunch which was very good but during our meal some one came into our area wanting to know who was riding a Sportster parked next to a silver vett. He said both were covered with paint. The IDIOT (you guys really don't want to know what I really think) had spray painted the fence in front of his business and overspray was EVERYWHERE!. The Sporty was closest and you could not see half of his tank decal for the paint. My bike was about 100 feet away and got splattered everywhere, seat windshield trunk bags, inner fairing.

    We called the local PD and the did make sure everyone got the guys name, number, and insurance info.

    In all some 20 bikes and cars were sprayed. Waiting for his insurance company to open. Lets see what they are going to say about this. Will update!!
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    More than likely it was a spirit base paint or even water base so some paint thinners (not lacquer thinner) should remove it pretty easily without any damage to the parts. Just a re wax would be necessary. I've done this on a car or two that had been spray canned and it took it right off. Most are enamels and can be removed easily.
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    I'd say something about the painter guy being inconsiderate, but that kind of person will never realize that he is not the only person in the world. Of all the things he could have oversprayed, he picks classic Corvette, and Harley's!! His ins. co. is gonna be unhappy with him.:bigsmiley15:
    I hope it is not too difficult to depaint your bike.
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    I have spray painted biuldings this is alwayes my worry overspray.I paint on no wind day,. know your surroundings some times i will paint at nite ..
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    That's definitely annoying!
    I'm sure the "painter" didn't want to harm anybody intentionally... but surely now it's a waste of time, money and ... nerves!

    Luckily it seems he has an insurance: at least you'll be refunded.

    My solidarity.

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    So far the info he has given me all but his cell phone is false. I spoke with him directly and several members could only reach his voice mail. My insurance co. will make the repairs on my dime and deductible and will reimburse me IF they collect from him.

    Went to a pro detailer and he said he could clay bar it and it would come out. The inner fairing he was not so sure due to the texture of the finish. That don't include the seat, controls cables, chrome etc etc.

    Thank goodness my meds are working. But on the other hand...they can't hold me accountable for my actions!!!:newsmile100:

    Sprayed it with pledge before we left. Tried to clean a small area today and the over spray in on tight.
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    Good luck Joe, on getting it off and getting reimbursed for your trouble.
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    Looks like it will be small claims court for the sucker.

    Contacted Abita Springs Town Hall. The Asst. Mayor had e-mail about what happened. I explained my side and she said she would get back with me. After she talked to the Mayor and City Attorney the Mayor called the buildings owner who in turn called his renter.....spray doofus. When the Asst. Mayor called me back she said the building owner was really ticked about what had happened and wanted to know what spray doofus intended to do about it. Nothing as of yet so it seems.

    Spent the day cleaning paint and waxing. Goo Gone works well but DON'T USE ON PLASTIC (inner fairing) or on your painted badges.

    Do you guys realize how hard this is to talk about on the forum with out getting a loooooong time out from Glider?
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    Do you guys realize how hard this is to talk about on the forum with out getting a loooooong time out from Glider?[/QUOTE]

    Sorry for all the trouble you are having but congrats on your self control.

    Good move.:s
  10. Redfish-Joe

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    Sorry for all the trouble you are having but congrats on your self control.

    Good move.:s[/QUOTE]