wet sumping 89FXSTC

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Rich Brown, Dec 11, 2008.

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    Why is wet sumping an issue with softails and what is my fix ,new high output oil pump or somthing simpler . My issue is with oil spitting out the vent line in my carb and hence all over the bike .
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    Not necessarily the oil pump causing that, it could be the breather valves in the heads or over filled oil tank level.

    It's common on the sportsters and softails because the oil tank is higher than the engine. You may try some marvel mystery oil in the engine oil and run it for a few hundred miles and change the oil and filter. It could be just a bit of sediment causing the problem in the check valve.

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    MY question to you is "is the oil draining into the sump??? where is the oil level Before you start engine from cold?.... and also HOT?

    1989 evo? has a different type sump return system....If it is like my 97 evo I did a little releaving on the oil return do-dickie and that helped out......

    1989 is that an evo motor??? I thought that age motor had a filter down under to collect and breath...

    below this is it !

    GLIDER GOT IT AGAIN........ that looks like the do-dickey i mentioned..... I also removed a little material to OPEN it a little. also plastic vs: metal?? seems to have been a better one to use
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    Being an evo motor, it could also be the breather unit in the nose cone either damaged like a lot of them were or out of timing because of a bad gear on the breather unit itself. It's timed with a gear to the crank and cam and when it is out of time from a damaged gear it opens at the improper time and builds pressure in the crank which then relieves itself from the breather.

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