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    Ive been haveing a bit more oil overflowing out my cranckcase breather line lately, someone mentioned to me, when they saw this, was that i had a wet sump but, i didnt get a chance to ask what he meant.
    Is this term Wet Sump or oil blowout got anything to do with a ball shut off valve in the oil breather to cranckcase oil line or cranckcase not shutting the oil overflow after pressure release into the breather line therefore allowing the oil verflow?
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    Wet sump is usually a result of an oil pump alignment problem on the TC engines. On your evo it could also be a pump deficency problem or a head breather malfunction. It may be associated with worn rings too.
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    Wet sump, is a condition (commonly referred to as sumping) in which oil is accumulating in the engine crankcase. The most comon cause, as glider pointed out, is oil pump alignment but a bad seal between the oil pump spigot and the crankcase scavenge port in the cam chest will cause sumping as well. The most common symptoms of sumping are engine oil temps that heat up rapidly and sluggish performance. If you are not experiencing either of these symptoms, it is not likely that you are experiencing sumping. You can check for sumping by taking the bike for a ride and getting the engine near operating temperature, shut down and drain the crankcase. If more than 4-6 ounces drains out, she is sumping. If you haven't been in the cam chest recently, I doubt that this is the problem.

    Sounds like you have already vented the breathers to the atmosphere? What year is the bike? I forget what the last year for the plastic breathers was; 04? If yours are still plastic, that could be the problem. Or it could just be restriciton in the oil vent passage or line.
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