wet sump issue?

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    I have a 2001 Dyna lowrider that had engine mods performed before i bought it one mod was SE 204 cams. When the bike is cold it is like the engine is in a bind & wont rev past 4000 RPM but idles fine. Even after warm up if it idles again its like its in a bind & revs really slow not gettiong past 4000 rpm. If i run the bike as you go you can feel it gain power and if you stop at like a light you can rev it to redline but if you sit there to long again its like it loses power. I thinking a wet sumping problem maybe? this is my first twin cam & im lost.
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    Certainly could be. I have never checked mine but I have read that when checked, anything more than 6oz in the crankcase is suspicious.
    6-8 oz seems to be the zone.
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    It could be a misaligned oil pump or oring, done at time of cam install.
    See last paragraph of self help tip #187.

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    Does the engine over heat? Over heating is another symptom of sumping. Easy enough to check. Get the motor up to operating temperature and pull the crank case drain plug; not the oil pan plug but the pipe plug on the right side case. Be careful loosening and tightening the plug; it is tapered and if you over tighten, you can crack the case. It should loosen easy when the motor is warm but if it doesn't budge, again, be careful.

    If more than 6oz drains out, you could be sumping and there are several reasons why but the first thing you need to do is determine if sumping is the problem.

    Is the bike EFI or carb; could be you just need to tune upgraded motor??