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Discussion in 'South East' started by Sftail291, Apr 23, 2008.

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    Looking for good riding destinations in the south Florida area and friends to ride along with us. Any suggestions...............................?
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    i hqave the same problem, exept for the ride down the beach, there really arent any nice roads to ride in west palm beach!
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    couple good back roads off of okechobee run, there is one road that has about a 5 mile strech where live oaks are grown over the road, you can take it into stuart or end up in Indian town, little to no traffic and all farm land. took the wife on it and she really like it, ended up about a 3 hr ride.

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    Actually I was waiting for someone like Sled Dog to basically say, most any road in Florida...it is just a matter of timing. If you wait for the weekend with all the snowbirds in their cages...there may be little to none. But when you have low traffic...A-A-H-H! I'm from SoCal and remember Florida being very nice...just hot and humid if riding in the summer and worse if in traffic. Most of us south of the "Mason Dixon" during this time of year have it made...!

    In California, it is hard to find bad roads OTHER than the traffic congested main highways and interstates. Once you get off the "beaten path" there are roads especially along the coast or in the remote forested areas.
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    Weeellllllll..... Almost any road in Florida... The WPB area is a tough one.... Hells Bells, anything south of Indiantown is a tough one... IMO you have to go west to Jog Rd to get any good places to ride... garlab1 has it right... Anything around Okeechobee is a good ride.... It's tuff in south Florida... It's even worse now because of the snowbirds and tourists..

    I have to admit, you south Florida guys must really enjoy your riding... If I lived in that area I'd be riding on track days only... IMO it's way to dangerous to ride in that area... I used to work in Delray Beach, until 2 years ago... It's crazy on I-95 and even crazier on the surface streets.. Red light running is a sport down there..

    A guy I worked with in Delray was hit, while on his bike, at night. He was almost killed. His helmet got knocked off when it happened because the chin strap was loose.. The person in the SUV that hit him, drove away and left him for dead... This was on US 1 at Atlantic Ave in Delray.. They never found the person that hit him.

    Two harley riders were killed on Military Trail a couple of years ago because an illegal alien while driving a van, without a license or insurance, dropped this cell phone out the window... He slammed on his brakes and the 2 riders could not avoid him... This is the kinda stuff that happens in that area...

    Go west. Even as far as 27. Or head out to the glades... You just have to look around...

    If you South Florida boys are looking to ride in the Central florida area, or even as far west as Sebring, I know some great areas to ride...
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    lived here for over 20 years, I always take the side streets and try to stay off the major roads, hard to do sometimes.

    you got it right sled dog, major roads here can be real dangerous, gotta watch out for the blue hairs driving.