went to local harley shop and this is what they said about my carb icing.

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by ron1978, Oct 24, 2009.

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    they have seen this issue alot in the past year, it is not iceing problem i thought, as you all stated aswell, they looked at every aspect on my bike and ruled it as a ethanol problem, they told me they see this about every week or so with all the customers, what it is as he describes it ,i run 93 octane, 10% of that fuel is ethanol, which if you don't run your bikes enough to use the fuel up in it ,it'll loses it properties and won't give me the performance like fresh gas will, he says it'll start evaperating as soon as its placed in the tank,( the ethanol part) till i fill up next, they sold me a bottle of enzyme fuel stablizer, made by star brite, says cures ethanol problems on bottle. cost $9.00 and treats up to 48 gallons, well he added some of it and took it for a ride, called me and said it's ready, i rode it and man it was fixed got it up to 85 easy today, so if any is have little studdering or small hesitations this could be your problem.
    charged $95.00 total for looking at it and bottle of stuff.
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    ethanol will also absorb water to .. so in a moist climate i would be this could be a problem more than anything
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    I have never had to run it but I have put it in my auto and bikes. I also like to use the octane booster ever so often. :cheers
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    basically said i had stale gas, its been in the tank 2 weeks

    the label on bottle says Cures ethanol problems.
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    I've never run ethanol in my bikes. I have run it in my cars with poor results, not that it makes my cars or pickup run bad, but I'm one of those fanatics about checking my MPG if we go on a road trip, and I consistently got less MPG running ethanol gas than non ethanol, although I was paying the same price. I'm not hip on paying the same for less yield, if I pull up to a pump and it says ethanol I drive away and go find another pump that doesn't

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    Ethenol is used in small amounts virtually everywhere as it is profitable for the oil companies to reduce their fuel requirement by 10%, with alcohol "filler" with the blessing of government subsidies and incentives for reformulated gas that saves our environment (yeah...let see my car saw 15% reduction in fuel economy, and I am saving the environment, but the cost of corn flakes was going up anyway)....huh?...why is my fuel line and fiberglass tank leaking...oh...never mind!
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    Thanks to the EPA all gas has ethanol in it now read the warnings on the pumps H D and the auto industry are trying to stay ahead of the game in manufacturing parts that are user friendly to alcohol its only going to get worse Thanks Al Gore and the EPA police Gas is not the same as it used to be like everything else it has evolved
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    The kicker is those corn flakes are just fine being produced in 1960's technology driven coal plants.
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    I'm with Glider!!!

    I have multiple motorcycles that sit for long periods. I have also use fuel that contains the dreaded additive and have never had any problems whatso ever except for mild MPG loss.

    The ethanol is here to stay, and found in nearly all the fuel I have available to me here. Again - no problems. I suspect a little snake oil sales going on here....
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    I know that the FAA has issues with airplanes with auto fuel STC's (supplimental type cirtificate) the paper work which lets airplanes rated for less than 100 LL burn auto gas.
    Damage to gaskets/seals and carb ice are the concerns. Alos the boat guys are having problems with the ethanol eating up fibergass/plastic tanks and again to the "corn juice" content.
    As for Mr. Gore yes he has problems with his "vision", but the gas/ethanol is more the handy work of Sen. Glassly (R), from Iowa, where the just "happen" to grow a lot of corn. He sponsored the law with the "requirment" for ethanol content a couple of years ago....as Mark Twain commented "we have the best government money can buy".......
    The EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) has stuff on their web site listing the problems...