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Well my Sporty is totaled


hi riders,

Repair bill $7,896

It's worth $7650 minus $500 deductible, still around $7,150. The salvage value is $1,400 so I'm taking the bike and the difference in cash.

Damn a new frame is only about $1500

Of course that ChopperGuys FXR sportster frame is calling me.

My insurance company, USAA and HD on Long Branch were quick and very helpful.

Now what to buy for my new long distance bike while I rebuild this one? I tell you they had a bunch of nice 2007 rolling in. There is a nice two tone metallic blue paint scheme that really looks nice.

Denim blue and black? Actually it's called Suede Blue Pearl and black. I am very depressed about your bike being totaled. So sorry to hear that news.

Oh, you have my sy,mpathies, its a bit like losing a good friend, isn't it? I feel for you, but am happy to hear that you have a rebuild project now. You will love the bike even more after you are done with it. Good luck and that blue and black is one fine looking machine!!
That is just rotten. I think I would be about in tears if I was in a position to have a totaled bike. That said the rebuild does sound like it would be great to tackle, I sure hope you find the bike of your dreams in the meantime.
Oh man, sorry to hear about your bike. That really sucks, but on the plus side you're gonna love working on a new bike. I just saw that paint the other day. I was going past an hd shop and didn't have time to stop, but I did as those colors seriously caught my eye. It's gonna be one sweet looking bike. Good luck!