Well hey there... what are you wearing ??

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by israguard, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Good morning everyone,

    Now that I have your attention lol.. This came to my mind last night..

    Has anyone ever seen, done, read, viewed any research on the quality or lack there of.... of some of the riding gear that we as riders purchase & wear. Granted, leather is the best & safest and sky is the limit in regards to what you can spend. But dealers are selling these synthetic jackets... some look like fish nets / perforarted jackets to allow air through.. one fall of a bike... and will they help you ?.

    Just thinking safety. When you look at the European manufacturers, especially the Italians.. its leather & only leather.

    Tks for your time.
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    I have 2 Fieldsheer jackets both with removable liners. They are non-leather.
    One is 3 seasons and the other is strictly summer and is mesh. My thought is with the armor installed in elbows, shoulders, and back I have good protection. Even with the mesh one. I do have a leather jacket with armor and can only used it in cooler weather. I think armor is very important. Comes from sport bike riding days..
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    As I am located in Europe i would state the leather is still in use for motorcycle clothing however most riders will wear gear made from cordura as it is waterproof and abrasive resistant and has a zip out liner
    I will only wear my leather jacket on one day journeys when i know the weather will be good

  5. bwalsh22

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    +1 on the motorcycle armor. I have a mesh that I wear in the summer. Can't say i have ever been down with it, but the armor and reinforcement is in critical areas. Still it is not as strong as leather (that is why the armor is there), but a whole lot cooler!
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    Just got a mesh jacket with armor delivered today. I am anxious to see how much cooler it is than my leather jacket. I am hoping that the armor and the material that fuses together (so they say) in an accident will offer me protection almost as good as the leather. That heavy leather jacket gets very hot when riding, but I feel better having it on, so I am thinking this new mesh jacket might be a good compromise.
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    You'll be happy with the mesh. As Steve posted, it may give way faster than leather, but much more bearable in the heat. This is typically what I ride with, although with the 95+ days here I have stuffed it in the bags and gone with just the T-shirt a few times now. Worst thing most motorcyclists do is buy black in anything...general not good when trying NOT to roast in the sun. My jacket is silver and black, but wish it was more silver.
  8. israguard

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    I will check out the Mesh with armor. I'm a huge "safety first" guy and I always fear we buy garments at top dollar and nobody really know if it does what its supposed to.
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    Mesh with armour is the way to go.If it is cool install the liner.
    I find the mesh to be as cool as a t-shirt.The added protection of the armour just makes me feel better(old sport bike rider).
    I have a Joe Rocket Alter Ego combination jacket in Hi Vis Green/Black.

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    Take a look at the tourmaster "intake 2" mesh jacket. I love mine and have no problem wearing it in 90 plus heat. It does come with a quilted liner as well as a rain proof liner. The liners work great as I have used them in rain and cooler temps down into the 40's. An all season jacket for sure but if I plan to ride into the 30's I have to switch to another jacket I have and layer up!