Weird cruise contol issue: 2005 FLHTCUI

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by artsy1953, May 22, 2014.

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    Just joined the forum. My 2005 Ultra has an intermittent cruise control issue. Today, I was able to figure out what seems to be triggering it, but it does not happen all the time. So, the problem: When running on cruise control, if I push the signal light switch (either left or right) to signal a lane change, the cruise control kicks out (light goes from green to orange, and disengages) and will not re-engage.

    I tried cycling the fairing switch cruise switch on/off, and still won't re-engage. I have to stop and turn the bike off, wait several minutes (haven't figured out how long the wait needs to be), restart the bike and get back up to speed, and the cruise works fine for a while, even when using the turn signals, then randomly it will kick off again when I signal a lane change.

    There's nothing in the service manual about the turn signals kicking out the cruise. Has anyone had this problem? Am I looking for a short?
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    On the right side of your steering neck you will find your throttle cables. One of them will have two wires connected. This is your roll off switch. Used to disengage the cruise when you manually roll the throttle off. Disconnect these wires and test ride. Your cruise should work fine. Brakes will still disengage the cruise. Just can't disengage by rolling the throttle off. This was my problem when my cruise was acting up.
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    Could be a cable lash adjustment problem. See if any codes have come up.
    Check this link out.

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    I have experienced similar issues with the cruise on my 03 ultra. It got worse and more frequent. It turned out to be broken wires. Anyway there is a self diagnostic for cruise dropout. the last 8 dropouts are stored and can be retrieved. The procedure is covered in the shop manual.