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Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by limiter, May 17, 2011.

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    Here's the skinny- Friends riding directly behind me, CAN hear me, I CAN NOT hear them on CB. I can hear other truckers, etc., on ch 19, and my friends who are Honda goldwings(hold the jokes please) CAN hear me and others. They can talk to each other on CB, but I can not hear them. I can hear them key their mic, but no words. My speakers and headset speakers are all fine. I can hear stereo, intercom, and CB through either headset or speakers. Just can't hear these two. I am going to meet up with some others to "test" mine, others on Harleys. THe bike is brand new, and here are the stats I am working with. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    2011 Harley Ultra Limited(radio/CB is stock as well as are antennaes)
    Stock headset- driver
    Harley half helmet headset-passenger

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    can you hear the truckers and others when they are behind you or only infront? did this just happen or has it always been like this since you got your bike (nice bike by the way)
    sounds strange, first i would check your ant conections. it almost sounds like your transmit is a bit off freqency but i cant imagine that these days with all the new electrronics

    welcome to the forum by the way

    i am sure Hoople will be along and have you fixed up first round
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    Now that is just plain strange. It a new one to me and I have been around ce radios for over 40 years.

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    Iv'e been in the electronic's game for over 50 years and it sounds like front end overload, their signals are so strong that they decense your receiver and no sound comes through...
    Ron VE3MX...