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Weekend Ride


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I had to visit my daughter for her birthday this weekend. I'd been to her house before but this was the first time on my Harley. Bike vs Cage was a huge difference.

My daughter is me made over. She hates cities. Consequently, she married a big German farmboy who still lives on the family farm near Frelsburg, TX. Never heard of it? Get a map because it is worth the ride. From Austin ride down Hwy 71 East to Ellinger, TX. In Ellinger turn left onto FM 2503. Ride that road until it "T's" and then take the right "T". This will take you to Frelsburg. There's not much in Frelsburg except for a few homes and Heinsohn's Store. The store is the place to stop. No, it's not a bar. Just a country general store. When I pulled up there must have been two dozen bikes parked outside and I believe all of them were Harley's although I didn't stop to note the make of every one. The place is biker-friendly, to say the least. Keep that map handy because from Frelsburg you can head four ways. One will take you back the way you came, of course. A second will take you to Columbus, TX and Interstate 10 to Houston or San Antonio. The third will take you to Fayetteville and then back to Hwy 71. I frankly don't know where you go if you turn right in Frelsburg. That's an adventure for another trip. All routes will take you through classic German farm country. Most of those folks still speak German in their homes.

Hey Storm -- Hope your daughter had a great B-Day and congrats to you for being able to spend it with her !! Sounds like a great ride you had go down and coming back from there!!!
There's just something about the more rural areas of Texas that you must experience to believe. I had been to my daughter's house only twice in the past. Both times I had directions to get me there. Mostly, she comes to see me. This time I had a map that got me to Frelsburg. Then things didn't match up so I stopped at Heinsohn's Store for directions. When I asked how to get to Stokes Road, I got a blank look. Then the young lady brightened and asked "Who are you looking for?" I told her the last name of my son-in-law and she asked "Which one?" I gave a first name. "Sr or Jr?" was the reply. "Junior" I said. "Oh, just turn left out front and go to the 'T'. Turn left and there you are." That's the way things are in the rural areas. The map will only take you so far.

I've worked in KY, I've lived in WV, and have spent many, many days in small town America. I can believe it! Some day we'll meet up & swap stories.

I once got directions to a place and the lady didn't give me a single road sign, route number or actual address, but I found it.
(This time it was in Byrdstown, TN).
Sounds great! I don't think she used any 'where Johnson's barn used to be' but she did through in at least one family name, 'turn right at so & so's).......I'll be looking for you cruising through south west Oh!!!!