Weekend ride to Phoenix

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    Left the house in Ontario, CA. Friday morning around 10am, the day was overcast and on the cool side. Rode the 60 fwy east and merged onto I-10 in Beaumont, it got a bit windy around Palm Springs area but not as bad as it can get. I stopped for gas in Indio and that's when I noticed that my heel shifter lever had vanished, lucky for me I brought tools with me so I adjusted the toe shifter to fit my boot under it and off I went. Stopped a few times along to way for gas and smoke breaks and got to Phoenix around 5pm. my friend I was visiting picked me up from the hotel and went to a little R&B club with a live band. After the club we settled in for the night. Saturday morning got breakfast and headed out to Roosevelt Lake, day was hot but not too bad. hung around the lake for a while, got some gas and headed back to Phoenix. Back in Phoenix we got dinner and drinks and settled in for the night. Headed back home Sunday morning about 11am, a little later than I had planned. The trip back was uneventful until just outside of Blythe when my speedometer started going nuts, dropping to zero then back to speed then back to zero, this went on for a couple of miles until it stayed at zero. I stopped for gas and noticed that my signal lights were not self canceling also so I figured my VSS was toast, so I pressed on, and got home without any more issues. I picked up a new heel shifter lever and a VSS yesterday, put them on the bike last night and everything is back to pre-trip status.

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    :s Sounds like a good trip, good to be back home eh
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    Sounds like a great trip it is good to have some tools with you at all times just in case