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Water in the fuel


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Stopped at a local BP station today to fill up. Started the bike, which ran all of 3 seconds and the died and will not start. To make a long story short, there is a ton of water in the BP station's storage tank and me along with several customers now have water in our gas tanks and stalled bikes, cars.

Can I drain the tank, refill with freah gas and press on, or does the bike need to go to the dealership for more extensive repairs?

I ride, and now I'm towing around a 2005 SE V-Rod.
The tank has to ciphoned and BP needs to pay for it. They should have never let their gas get that low. Any repairs that are needed are the responsibilty of the gas station. You should contact the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service's petroleum inspection bureau at (850) 488-9740 or toll free 1-800-435-7352.
They would most definately be paying the expenses for this, you need to get on that right away. I had this hapen 1 time in my car and they paid for the repair.
You bet BP is paying to fix this. The employees at the BP store found over 13 inches of water in their storage tank. In fact the in-ground fill pipe/cap for this tank was covered with water when they went to dip their tank. After a fellow biker took pictures of this, BP closed all their pumps, called their fuel supplier and then offered to pay for any repairs. We'll see.................A great day of riding with my fellow HD riders wasted.
BP should have checked the level of Gas before supplying the customers. It's strange. I am still surprised how did it happened. Anyways BP now has to pay for the damage. It will be better if you visit the dealership for a check of the Bike.
I would definitely take it in for a once over, especially since you started the bike, even if it was only for a few seconds before it stopped working, the water filled gas has been "pulled inot the system" so to speak. I would make sure BP is paying for every bit of it too.