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Water cooled Sporty?

Just saw a few "Spy" photos of what appears to be a water cooled / exposed push-rod, Harley Sportster.
A lot of talk/gossip/UFO sightings on some of the other forums but no facts just talk.
Any real news on this?
I've been saying for years( and I believe I made mention of it in an earlier thread) that Harley needed to go "liquid cooled"!!! All the other bike makers finally had the ":45:" go off for them, and started making their bikes look and sound more like Harley's.Now they're selling a lot more bike's cause they're keeping their prices in better prospective.So,H-D needs to take a page out of their book, and put the radiator between the front frame tubes and make it liquid cooled and knock off all this H-D overheating history and issues !!!! They're starting out "experimentally" I think, with the V-Rod and now a BUELL this year. Soooo....maybe.....H-D is taking small "reluctant" baby steps to finally come around to a good idea.Time will tell.But, I still think it's a "good" idea! It doesn't have to be a "cyclops"/hideous looking design.The other bike manufacturers have designed theirs ok.Just my .02 cents.Ride safe,HI-Tek Rednek :33:
I agree Darknight! The sound will not be the same. I just bought my wife a CB750F Super Sport for her first bike and air-cooled bikes are the bomb. maybe just because I'm an old man stuck in his ways but the new water cooled ain't cool.:wall
Have ya heard any of the Kawasakis;Hondas;Yamahas;or Suzukis with the new Vance & Hines or Cobra exhausts systems and Stage -1- kits on them lately ? Sounds too close to a H-D to differentiate if you were standing near them blindfolded! Doubt you could really tell that significant of a difference! They're V-Twins also.I don't think liquid cooled has a whole lot to do with the sound.If that were the case,then a lot of Hot Rod/Muscle Car builders would be able to tell a difference in the "sound" of their cars or trucks when they changed to bigger radiators.Again,just my .02 cents and honest opinion. I'd have to hear it for myself, the difference between going liquid cooled and non-liquid cooled made in the exhausts sound.Changing horsepower or style/type of exhausts most definitely would,but not radiator vs. non-radiator.Ride safe,HI-Tek :eam
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Hey DarkKnight,Good to hear from ya! Yeah..... I getcha on the joke. I was actually replying to X1200N's post.And nuttin smart azzed or sarcastic meant,just an opinion on the subject matter of liquid cooled H-D's.Ride safe,and hope your "recovery" is short,and healthy so ya can get back out and ride!Later,Hi-Tek :s ps..."love" the "FogHorn LegHorn" toon ya added! Always was one of my favorite cartoons.How'd ya ...I say...Howd ya do dat there ,DarkKnight ???
Last edited: friend has a Road Warrior with V&H Big Radius etc. and it does sound different, (can tell where is in the pack). Corvairs, VWs and Old Hondas sound very different to a motor with similar CC w/radiator. Water jackets in an engine absorbs the pitch that you hear in an air-cooled motor. I am a sound man so my hearing is a little more tuned than most...that's my job. Like I said...air-cooled vs. water cooling is a personal preference I guess.