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    Not sure if this post belongs here.

    Last week my family and I took a weekend trip to D.C. For my two little girls and I it was our first time, my wife's third. Anyway, I have to say that it was one of the most moving experiences in my life. Yeah, the Capital building was nice , the Lincoln Memorial too, even the Washington Monument and the White House, but what was really awesome was the WWII Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial.
    As we walked up to the WWII Memorial I saw the "old timers", Vets, of WWII. They were decked out in full regalia....some in wheelchairs, some with canes, but ALL with HONOR. One older gentleman looked at me as I passed him and nodded as if to say, "Thanks for coming...". My grandfather was a Sea Bee in WWII, he died when I was only three, but as I looked at these guys I saw him in them, and I just lost myself.

    At the Vietnam Memorial, my youngest daughter, 6, on my shoulders, says to me,"Daddy, why are all these names on this wall?" My reply was"... because all of these people died fighting in the Vietnam War." She, then, asks," is that why all these people are crying?" I say, yes. Then she says "can I leave a flower too, like the rest of them, to make them feel better?" I say sure. She runs out onto the lawn, picks a dandilion and puts it next to the wall of fallen soldiers, and then says now I feel better too Daddy.....my dad served in Vietnam.

    I don't know how many of you will read this, but if any of you served, Thanks.
    And, well, I just thought this is something that needed to be shared.
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    I've been to The Wall three times and I still get all choked up. There are several names of people I knew. I still wonder how/why I came home and they didn't.

    I think it should be a requirement for all our high school age kids to actually stand there and see just how many names are on that wall.

    I am immensely happy that today's military members are being recognized, thanked, and honored for doing what they're doing.
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    I live about an hour from DC. Whenever I ride to city and go to the wall, very somber experience. My day to day problems compared to what these soldiers gave so I can be free, puts things in perspective real quick.
    Have to agree and Thank as well.
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    Thank you for helping your children learn to appreciate those who have served and fought for our freedom. :s
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    I travel to DC very often. my in laws live down there. My father in law was a retired Colonel and is buried at Arlington. He passed away while I was deployed to Iraq in 2003 and I was flown home on emergency leave to be at the internment right in Arlington.....talk about a moving experience! No chance of making it through a full military honors funeral with dry eyes I'll tell you that! If you go to DC the monuments you mentioned.....WWII, Vietnam, as well as the Korean War monument are a must see.....but you NEED to add Arlington to the trip. That is the most hallowed ground in this country IMO!
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    AGREED......it is already on my list for next trip.

    It really is cool, to see. Deuce, it took me 6 hours, from Exit 8A NJ turnpike, to get there the thursday before Easter. There was bridge construction, but when we pulled up there were nothing but cones...
    I'm a teacher and totally ditto the "requirement" comment.
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    OMG, very nice, my eyes starting are leak now, knock it off.
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    My line of work is building automation in the DC area and the WWII memorial is one of our accounts. We control the lights and pumps for all of the fountains. I have always had a feeling of pride when I am sent down there to do maintenance on that system. It really is a beautiful site and a wonderful tribute to those that have served.




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    While I agree that Arlington is a must see... and that it is hallowed ground. I think that there a lot of incredibly hallowed ground in this country. There are 146 National Military Cemetaries in this country containing the remains of many of our heros. Not to mention the many state military cemetaries. Arlington is probably the most well-known of them; however, not sure it's the most hallowed. IMHO.
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    You know , its great the way the guys and gals in todays military get support, and the walls are a nice honor. But I still got a bad taste in my mouth by the way we were treated in the early 70s by our own people, civilians and military alike , I never felt that disposable in my life.

    Even nowadays when someone says thanks for serving (I wear a USAF patch on my vest), I dont know what to say. I feel like sayin , where were you when I needed the boost, but I just smile and nod. It all just seems so phony.

    Sorry to ruin the mood peeps, just needed to get that off my chest.