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Was 62 Degrees, Great Ride

The weather was beatiful here in SC today went on a 70 mile ride. God it was wonderful with the sun shinning down on me and the nice wind. I hope it warms up for everyone soon.
Man I envy you guys:bigsmiley30:

It was on the 30's but the roads are covered with sand from the last snow storm.:wall
.. but just as much sand on the road. Probably could have built a couple of sandcastles if I had tried. Get the dirt off the road DOT... there's riding to do!!!

Hello DK,:D
I know what you mean:) Last year I went for a short ride on my V-Rod, the roads were covered with sand and at a stop sign I slided about 5 feet into the main road:52:

Luckily no one was coming, I handled pretty good, I don't think I be able to do the same with the size of the touring bike, don't want to damage my baby! :s

its suppose to snow again today!:cry
Me and the Bride put in 55 miles yesterday. first ride since Christmas. the dirt road had a few puddles from the rain, but we manage to get around them to the hard top. it was a sunny 70 degrees, a little brisk. we top the ride off with a icecream and a strech of the legs. nice ride!!! want some more of it.:D
I hear where you are coming from DK....Been shut up in the house for several weeks from rain and cold. The bones can not take it like they use to. it will take a few rides to acculimate back with the world to become one you said, from the weather you have....this was a day at the beach...........:D
How about if the joke comes from a fellow redneck???? You can't grow up in West Virginia and not hear every redneck/hillbilly joke around now can you??? That includes Dueling Banjos and Deliverance. It's funny how even though any self respecting hillbilly knows that the movie Deliverance was about a river in GA.

And, before you all point it out, yes, there are a few self respecting hillbillies.:D