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    If you feel there is something wrong with your bike and it's covered under your warranty, do they charge you shop time if they don't find any thing wrong. The reason i ask is, I am taking my bike back for then to take a 2nd look, because I still hear the noise on the transmission side of my bike and I know it is not normal, and i don't want to be charged. My bike is a 2012 street glide with less then a 1000 miles and the service has been done.
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    Take it back should be no charge. Also if it is making a noise and they cannot find the problem show them exactly where it is coming from and have them document all their findings so that down the line if the system fails you will have proof that there was a problem and they failed to correct it.
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    chuck60; should be no charge...even for 2nd look. This time I'd also set a meeting w/dealership's Service Manager to discuss the issue. Remember - customer's always right & if you're not satisfied w/bike or problen(s) make it known & documented. This way you'll be covered if something crops-up later down the road (hopefully not). Good luck & keep us updated.
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    chuck. take it to another dealer. i have a '09 t/g and don't have any noise in that area. if you see another late model touring bike there have them crank up their bike and compare them side-by-side infront of the service manager.
    good luck.

    under ext warrenty its $45.00 whether or not they find anything wrong. thats what they told me.
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  5. You're still under factory warranty and there should be no charge. As stated, it's time to involve the dealer management when you go back in. Sit down with them and be polite. State that you still think somethings not right. If the dealer management is worth their salt they'll do everything they can to satisfy their customer. Again document everything. Times and dates of conversations and who you were talking to.
    It's been my experience that if you start with a calm demeanor and give them a chance to fix what's wrong they'll go the extra mile to make sure you're happy.
    Have you tried changing the primary fluid? What fluid is in there now? Also weird noises are sometimes hard to track down and may be coming from somewhere different. I really like the idea of putting your bike next to another comparable model in the shop and listen to them side by side.
    Good luck!
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    Bumper to bumper 2 year unlimited mileage warranty, Have the dealer contact tech support at H D if you cannot get satisfaction:s
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    I wouldn't think you would be charged. A few years back, my son "borrowed" my RK, forgot to ask, and ran it to all but a thimble full of gas left in the tank. My low fuel light didn't work, but I just knew I left at least 3/4 of a tank in it. Well, got about a mile or two from the house and she chugged and then died. Walked home, got the trailer and off we went to the HD Doctor.

    You can imagine how red my face got when they filled the tank and Varoooom! :small3d007: didn't charge me and after about a ton of jokes, at my expense, said the gas was on them. Of course I can't walk in there anymore without being asked if I checked the tank...
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    I can't think of any dealer in their right mind that would charge you.
    Maybe a few years ago when people were waiting in line to buy bikes, and the dealers didn't care about good will, Those days are gone. :thanks