Warranty work on 2010 RG

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Fritz, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Finally took my 2010 Road Glide in for the brake switch recall. While at my local dealer I expressed a hard starting problem with the a grinding noise once in awhile.Well seems there is some bad starters around.Local dealer has replaced quite a few. My RG has over 28k on her and warrantee is up next month. The battery also had a dead cell,load test was 7 volts at cranking. The dealer said the starter was going bad and was covered under warrantee,the bad battery would cause problems with the new starter.The dealer then replaced the battery.Brake light switch,tighten bearing support plate on trans,tighten exhaust bracket,replace starter and battery.All total just under 860.00 dollars and all covered under warrantee.Cost me zip,nada,free of charge.Sweet. Dealer stated they had some bad batteries also. Bike would crank around but not enough juice to fire the engine. Figuired I would pass this along for anyone else with similiar problem.HD knows the problem but there is no recall.
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    It sounds as if you have a very cooperative dealer which is good to hear.
    Glad they got you handle so easily...:s
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    Sounds like you have a great dealer, Tell them they should go around the country and give classes on how to treat customers.
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    Great to hear. You might want to post the Dealer in the Dealers I would reccommend. When members travel around it's nice to know where to go to get good service.
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    as many guys are getting their bikes ready for rideing. if you have had you bike on a h-d trikkle charger thru the winter as i have. check the battery voltage . mine was 9.0 volts so i had to remove the battery and charge it
    before rideing it. i also bought a new trickle charger. one that charger the battery up then goes to trikkle mode.
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