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    i have a 2 year warranty on my scoot about 9 months left on it. well i had the compensator nut come loose and it tore up the stator / rotor metal pieces every where. i took off the primary side to see what all the metal parts was that came out of the oil. this is how i found out the nut came loose. now ? is will harley still honor the warranty because i removed the primary side cover. i replaced it . my dealer is closed today so i cant call them on this today.
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    That is a very good question, I would take some pictures and call them ASAP
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    My two cents....when I bought my 06 sporty (which had been torn apart and reassembled several times by the time I bought it) it was already out of warranty (2013) so I called harley. They told me that you can purchase a warranty plan from them, as long as the steel steed is NOT more than 10 (TEN) years old... at least thats what my local harley dealer told me....