WARNING" Watch out for the TFI's !!!!

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  1. robermv32

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    Ok, so I installed my Gen 3 awhile ago and have been satisfied with the results....that is until yesterday. I'll set the stage. Ride, 2010 FLHX. Weather Sun and clear skies. A little wind but nothing to be concerned with. Temperature in the mid 60's. Trip was 120 miles round trip to get parts for my boat trailer.

    Here's the problem.....I'm cruising along with the tunes blasting and a crisp wind in my face. The apples are ready along the finger lakes and the smell is in the air. The road I'm on is US 20 across central New York. This road has many curves and hills along this section and it is 4 lane on many of the hills. So what's the problem with the Gen 3 ? Only that you can REALLY get into the performance aspect again. Cutting around a sweeping right hand curve across a valley with a large hill approaching the urge to just add the power was, well, overwhelming. And I did. I topped that hill and looked down at the speedo and it said.....79mph. Holy molly...79 at my age...and she was still pulling!! I had just let off the throttle and sure enough....there coming at me is a member of the newest graduating class of the New York State Police Academy. His eyes are as big as the apples I've been seeing.

    I was already on the shoulder and off the bike when he came rolling up. Boy those lights are pretty. We were discussing the situation when he got a call for a motor vehicle accident and he told me it was my lucky day. Boy was it. Fines are tough in New York. Off he went and I continued on....with a new respect for the GEN 3. Man, that thing is fun.
  2. mat 60

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    You might want to take out the Gen 3 and send it to me so ya dont get yourself in trubble...:)
  3. FerrousBueller

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    I got a good laugh out of your story. Nicely written too!

  4. glider

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    Great story for sure and a similar thing happened to me only it was in the car and not on the bike. My lucky day for sure, doing a bit over the speed limit and I saw him pull out behind me so I pulled over and had to move up because of an obstruction on the shoulder. Before I knew it, the trooper pulled out around me and took off for parts unknown.:D

    Man I was a happy camper!
  5. kemo

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    I got tagged like that once and I was not so lucky. I got to pay the ticket.
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    Maybe Dobeck sould apply a warning on the package :D, They sure work Good !!
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    :lolrollingGreat story and really enjoyed it. Glad to see there was a positive end to your experience.:cheers
  8. DEW57

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    You had me going for a bit. I have my Gen 3 on the table getting ready for my stage 1 upgrade when I get all of the necessary components. Glad it was your lucky day.
  9. Iceman24

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    Lucky day indeed & was 1/2 expecting to read some type of warning on TFI's malfunctioning, or making motor go bad. Not what I was expecting, but great story for end-of-day grind. Just taking a well deserved break to breather & de-stress for a bit...thanks for making it amusing!
  10. horizonchaser

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    I can see that you feel his pain! :newsmile042: