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    Hi folks in my last post I said I would post the results of my test of the E3 plugs and the Power X Wing. I put on 998 miles over the weekend. I left Weiser ID and put 135 miles on when I got the first check eng light these plugs were not playing nice with the EFI. I continued to Winnemucca NV with the light coming on every now and then. In Winnemucca I decided to change to a Harley plug which was not available so I went with champion which cross referenced to the harley plug. Here is where I had the real problem I pulled the rear plug and it spalled the cylinder head (tore the threads out) I managed to get a champion plug started and tightened down. No more eng light. Now I have to run a tape down the hole to clean the threads if I can get the plug out. What I will do is run the eng to top dead center and then put grease down the spark plug hole until it fill the gap between the piston and the head. Then tap the hole and use the shopvac to take out the grease and any shavings from the tap. Next post will cover the X wing Don't use E3 plugs.
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    Thanks for the warning...and good luck on your fix...
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    I always use a small amount of never seize on plug threads.
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    A valuable lesson indeed. I would bet that 100% of the "snake oil" selling that goes on with vehicles is just that. A gimmick that has no proven results except that the marketing is slanted in favor of the product to get the money out of your pocket. The true gear heads here would agree to get more power after a high flow air filter, tuner, and pipes you need to go internal with engine mods. Nothing else will increase power other wise...
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    If some of the threads have come out running a tap through the threads will not put them back and you will be running the bike with a potential failure with the plug spitting out which with the pressure from the cylinder would be like a bullet and could cause a lot of damage
    If it were mine i would have the head off and use a thread insert to repair the issue

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    I agree strongly with Brian here, a spark plug has 3 jobs to do, seal compression, transfer heat and light the fire, if it were my bike I would fix it right the first time JMO
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    Boy, am I glad my stuff is old.:)