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Warning PCIII Installation

I just finished installing a Power Commander III and a new set of Bub 7 exhaust on my 07 Softail. After the installation I was excited to see how my new pipes sounded so I fired the bike up and gave it a couple of turns on the throttle. What happened next gave me a sickening feeling in my stomach. The rear header pipe started smoking and turned a nice shade of gold. I immediately called Fuel Moto USA, the company I bought the PCIII from, and asked them what was going on. Their response was "did you adjust the throttle position?". My response was "what is that!?". It is a simple adjustment that requires a laptop hooked up to the PCIII via a USB cable but, being a first time installer I had no idea this had to be done.

The upsetting part is that none of the instructions from Power Commander or Fuel Moto USA stated that the throttle position "MUST" be adjusted. If you are going to take on the installation of the PCIII make sure you make this adjustment before taking off on your bike! On a positive note, I was pleased with Fuel Moto USA's technical support and their willlingness to walk me through this problem.
As with many of the add on fuelers, the throttle position has to be set in order for the unit to be synced with the engine. I think it should be part of the instructions from what I have seen. It's a very important step before running the bike any distance.

You can find that procedure here listed in the first link on this page under "How to set the Throttle Position values"

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