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    06' RG, when I was putting the front wheel back on after doing some work, I was following the manuals directions and came to the spot that said to put a 7/16" drill bit through the axle, pull the fork snug to the bit and tighten down the nuts on the bottom of the leg. Okay, I'm good with that.

    WHY? This left some space between the spacers and the leg. Is the space supposed to be there to keep things from binding? I figured one of you will know, and I always like to learn something new.

    I also need to mention I have changed out my wheels for a set of 08' cast wheels and now have a 36mm axle and not a 1".

    Does the 08' manual call for the same procedure as the 06', using the bit to create some space.

    Okay, that was 3 questions.

    Thanks in advance
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    2006 use the drill bit method as means of fork alignment. If not done this way, it can (and usually does) cause pulling/drifting and RH inboard brake pads to rub the rotor.

    2008 (with ABS) it shows in the manual that you would push the right fork slider towards the spacer (away from the hole in the axle). I would guess that the ABS version is different due to the reason that they don't want any space occuring on the sensor side.
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    Thanks all. To me understanding is half the battle. Remembering is the other half.

    Ride safe
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    Now that makes me have to ask, is the end of the new 36mm (1.4") axle that fits under the cap, the same diameter as your original axle? It seems logical that HD would have the axle turned down, rather than have Showa change the size of the lower tube clamp hole for the newer bikes, but I don't know.