Wall Anchor


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When I service the bike, oil changes,etc. I anchor the bike to the wall in my shop. I purchase some D rings and metal straps to anchor the D rings into the wall studs approx 4 foot span in front of where I park the bike.then I take my trailer tie down straps secure one end to the handle bar the other to the wall D ring, pull straps till bike level and secure. this way I do not have to work around a jack. my 2 cents, works for me. the d-rings are always in place and never in the way.
Good idea for those without a lift. It will aid in the proper filling of the primary oil with the bike standing straight up.
Took me ten minutes to drill, screw and rig up. Great tip for me. Bikes now standing pretty.:cheers Just have to remember straps are there. Kinda clumsey at the best of times, hate tripping.
Thanks, I'll try that for my next project, (for the record Glider, the oil changing project is coming up, possibly this coming weekend). Thanks for the tip Shag!
That's an awesome idea!! When I changed my primary oil, I stuck a bunch of 1x4's under the kickstand until it was straight enough....boy was I sweating!!!
Thanks Krik...
I have ment to make some pictures and post, just seems something always gets in the way. It has worked well for me, and a sense of security not having to worry if the bike is going anywhere if you bump it. Be safe!
What a great idea, and quite frankly, so simple it made my face turn red as I read it for not having thought of it myself! Thanks for sharing!
Shag; definitely post some pics so we can get a visual on how everything's fastened. Good idea for stabilizing the bike for maint.