Waiting for the delivery truck

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  1. juke

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    I don't know what it is about waiting for the delivery truck that has a several boxes addressed to you with lots of Harley goodies in them. Wondering if the delivery service would make the delivery as scheduled with all of those accessories that I've been waiting weeks for. Finally it's to late to expect a delivery, finding out that the delivery truck would not be making a delivery to my door-steps as planned. After waiting long enough, calling the delivery service to find out your bling blings did not get delivered because of a new driver couldn't find you address. That's when the dreaded anxiety set in. Well, here it is on the evening of the day after the original scheduled delivery date and still no goodies.:bigsmiley19:
  2. motordad

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    It's almost like waiting for Christmas, and when Christmas arrives there are no gifts under the tree.
  3. joel

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    What ever happend to GPS units in a delivery truck, sounds more like the driver stopped for a beer with a couple of his driver buddies and compared delivery stops and started betting on who was looking out their front windows wondering, Where is Santa??? Maybe some cookies and milk will help.
  4. HarleyHarry

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    Not being able to find your address and very sunny weather always seem to go hand in hand.
  5. martin14

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    waiting on 3 goodies, from Germany, US and Canada.

    makes me crazy so I go for a ride to calm down :)

    It's a conspiracy, really it is !!
  6. nolafishr

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    If you sit and wait on the parts they will take forever to arrive, I have had so many deliveries the UPS knows My address by heart, I usually let them get there when they get there.
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    here is my latest frustration. ordered a simple T-shirt. small package. it doesn't arrive. according to the tracking info, USPS attempted delivery and left an attempt notice. (no notice at my house). i print out the tracking number and my info and go down to the post office where it says i should be able to get my package, no package to be found. i leave my info and the gal tells me she will talk to the carrier and find out where it is. after a few days and doing a attempt redelivery online. i contact the seller (Ebay) i tell him what is up. he tells me the address might have been wrong, and he may get the package back, if so he will reship, i confirm the address is right. a few weeks later on a Saturday im home to talk to my normal mail guy, he tells me he was on vacation, and someone else took over his route, ( i thought someone snagged my shirt by this point) i contact the seller again, and he sends out another shirt, at no expense to me!!! i was floored, great guy here. A week later i got my new shirt! then wondering about the first shirt. I dug though old emails to find the info to go back to the post office and file a missing package report. ( i didnt want this to happend again with something of more value, as i do alot of online shopping) the same day I got shirt 2, the first package was returned to seller from the very post office i went to, cause it was not claimed! geez! what a waste of our time. i have had packages worth hundreds of dollars left on my step, for days. now a t shirt i have to jump through hoops to locate! man! give me Fed Ex any day! good luck with you goodies.. i know i feel better! btw... its a HD shirt :)
  8. juke

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    I hate the arrogance of US Postal workers.
  9. Shack72

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    I've lived in the same house for 37 years and I noticed that I used to have the same carrier for about 15 of those years. Mail delivered the same time every day. Sometime around the mid 90's I noticed I had a different carrier, but they would change every other week, and they all had different times they would get to my house:(

    Right now I'm waiting on Bassani road rage exhaust and some parts for my 72FX front end. Shows they're on the truck for delivery "woohoo".

    Good luck with yours