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VRSCDX 2007 Night Rod Special



Just wondering what you all think of the New Night Rod Special ?

I have one on hold for me and I'm trying to muster up the Ballz to buy it. Might loose a girl friend in the process but hey. Lemme know your thoughts.

Hi Jacoh,

Dont wait...Go for it, I bought a V-Rod last year (a 2002 VRSCA that only had 165 miles) and it's the most fun I've ever had on two wheels.

The motor is smooth and responsive. Below 4k RPM it's a pleasant ride with much of the Harley torque you'd get on the air-breathing bikes, but above 5k RPM it turns into a monster that wants to rip down the road as quickly as you dare.

I've ridden the mid-control versions of the V-Rod and, at least with my long legs, I couldn't get comfortable. I have an '04 Sporty, the V-Rod and an anniversary edition geezer-glide. Dollar for dollar, there's no better value than the 1200 Roadster, no more fun than the V-Rod and nothing more comfortable than the dresser. Pick your poison. But nothing runs better than the V-Rod.

I think it's great. Has as much "curb appeal" as any Harley ever. Haven't broken it in yet so can't really tell you about performance, but anyone on the list can give you opinions re the engine etc I was surprised how well it handled the rain on the way home. Will have to relocate the frt peg or fry my right leg but that's not unique to the DX. I like it No, I like it alot.
I work part time in bike sales at a dealer and we believe that we will not be able to get enough Night Rod Specials to meet demand. We were just notified by Harley that there is a limit on the production of that bike. Every Special built will probably be sold before or soon after it gets to the showroom. If you think you want the Special you should go for it now because you could end up waiting until next year to get one. This will be one of the hottest bikes that Harley will market this year. I saw one at a showroom in Wisconsin on the way to Sturgis and it was supremely hot. If I did not have so much money invested in my 04 VROD I would go for the Special. Good luck.

Like it so much I just bought one, and joined this group. In California all 2007 VRSC's were on hold because H-D was late in filing emissions paperwork with the state. Only about 4 got in before they were put on hold. Everyone else will have to wait until October. i got mine becuase the guy who ordered it was a wus and let his wife talk him into a Geezer Glide instead. This is my 20th Harley since 1989 so it will be interesting to see how it stacks up!

Wow! Maybe I got the wrong bike. I had not seen this one anywhere before here. I looked at a few pictures and it looks sweet. I am not surprised that this will be one of the hard to get bikes of the year. I guess maybe I did make a good decsion then, because I am having a hard enough time waiting for the one I have orderd.
That is the same one I'm about to buy. Unless you really love this chick and plan on marrying her I say go for it. You will be satisfied in one way or another.
It really is great. You should go ahead and make the purchase. I've given it a try and honestly thought about trading my bike in for one. I still may do this but like you said I don't want to loose my woman over this. I'm going to try talking her into letting me do it though.
I'm not sure losing a relationship over a bike is the way to go unless you aren't into the relationship all that much. It is a sweet bike though, maybe rent it and take your girl out on it she may end up loving it.
Since you have the bike on hold already I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you have already made up your mind but you're looking for others to agree with your decision. Make the purchase you won't regret it.