Voltage regulator and Battery

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  1. I need some information guys on this problem i have or may not have.

    1. If the [voltage regulator] is not grounded on your bike what issues will this cause your bike in performing?

    2. if the key light comes on after the bike has started what does this mean?

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    If the voltage regulator is not grounded properly, the "shunting" of excess voltage cannot occur and the full alternator voltage may rise as high as 25V at full engine RPM or so damage to the electrical systems will occur if allowed to continue. Do not rev the engine or run the bike until you find out what the problem is.

    If the key light comes on after the bike has started it means that there are troubleshooting codes stored in memory, possibly from previous service you have done to the electrical system...OR...new diagnostic codes have been detected and are indicating current faults exist. Check your manual for the the code recovery sequence, and list of codes or go to the Self Help section for details on the Diagnostic codes.
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