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Voltage question


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I purchased a 2005 FHLTC this weekend. While traveling back to my home the bike started losing gauges. Eventually the bike died and had to be taken into the nearest dealership. The mechanic found a battery that was too small for the bike installed. He replaced and I was on my way. The question I have is how many volts should I be seeing on my volt gauge. I was thinking that it should be over the 12 volts. It is running about 10.5. Is that enough to keep the battery up and run my bike?
NO...unless none of your accessories work. Turn on all your lights etc. and check voltage at battery. Should be 13.5 to 14+, if not you have a bad cable, connection, stater or voltage regulator. You may also want to check your fuse block/ relays. I had problems with my new bike with bad operation relay.:cool: