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voltage drop please help


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I recently bought an 89 softail. The left rear blinker stopped working so i checked the bulb and found it to be good. Started digging around and noticed alot of the wiring has been modified. Poorly at that. When the left blinker switch is closed the front left blinker comes on very dim and doesn't blink as does the left blinker indicator light. The rear doesnt work at all. I can remove the left blinker indicator bulb and the front left blinker illuminates as it should. With the indicator bulb in the circuit i am only showing 5v at the switch. Pull the bulb out and i am getting close to 12v. Same with the headlight. On high beam, the headlamp and high beam indicator illuminate with around 12v. On low beam the headlamp comes on real slow and is dimmer than it should be and the high beam indicator bulb illuminates very dim. The high beam indicator bulb shouldn't illuminate at all on low beam. I am wondering what would cause such an extreme voltage drop. Sorry this post is so terse. Any info or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again
Hello and welcome,

Have check accu voltage and lamp relay?most dropped voltage problem come from this stuff,by the way are use standard bulb for all lamp?

I suggest you to recharge your accu and tested it.I hope this help your problem.