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    My wife and I just returned from Langlitz Leathers in Portland. Spent a wee bit of time in Washington. Custom jackets for both of us. Can't wait.

    Me- 2007 Road King Classic
    Wife- 2009 Street Glide (her first overnight trip)

    Total miles 2800, 17-24 July 2009.

    We rode the coast highway up and it was cold the whole time. As soon as we got off towards McMinnville, OR, to see the Spruce Goose airplane, it got hot.

    Rode past Mount Hood, Mount Shasta, Sacramento (I'll get back to Sacramento in a bit), then to the coast again. Still cold, but now I have a pair of Langlitz goat skin riding pants, and a hoodie for under my jacket to keep me warmer.
    Also, visited:Redwood National Park, Hollister, San Jaun Batista Mission, Pinnacles National Monument, Golden Gate Bridge, Point Reyes, Monterey Bay, Point Morro, White Salmon WA,

    OK, about Sacramento. Well, the story starts at Crater Lake National Park. My rear brake line broke where the clutch cable crosses over the top of it under the transmission. So, I ride on with front brakes only. As soon as I can call someone (Klamath Falls, OR) it is too late. We ride to Redding HD, they tried to help, but couldn't. They were nice, but ended up going to Sacramento HD for repairs.

    The rest of the story: Apparently the rear brake line for 2007 Road Kings is on the third part number (which means it has been updated twice). They are on back order until September. Well, my dealer (Bigg's HD in San Marcos, CA, Tom in service dept.) got me an authorization number from the motor company to use after-market parts.

    The guys at Sacramento HD, Les in the service dept. and Joe in parts hooked me up with some steel braked lines, chrome banjo fittings, and a chrome block for the brake light switch. Got it back in about three hours. Awesome work!
    I can't say enough about how well all these folks took care of me and my scooter. Thanks to Bigg's HD and Sacramento HD.

    Just finished cleaning both bikes, and changing the engine oil/filter in the FLHX (5000 miles)

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    You'll LOVE your new Langlitz!

    My wife and I left from the valley here in Oregon and rode to the coast fri afternoon. We were in jeans and T-shirts till we hit Lincoln City! WOW what a difference! Fog and mist made us put all of our sweats and leathers on. Cool all weekend and the same in reverse back home today.
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    Wow, glad your road trip worked out ok. I'm ready to start A road trip from the Sacramento north area to Jackson, WY, then north to Yellowstone National park,MT, to Glacier National Park,MT to Briggs,OR, south to crater lake ,OR to mount shasta, CA ,then home. No Crowds like Sturgis.
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    Last year at this time I rode out to Laughlin from San Diego, it took 6hours and 3 gas stops. Wont be happening again untill the weather outside is under 100 degrees. That sun will tear you up in that kinda heat.