Virago rat bobber

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  1. SpringerSteve98

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    So, i enjoy mushrooms, hunting, gravel roads, and tearing stuff up... With this in mind i went out and bought a 1981 virago 750... Since i have no desire to take my Harley out on gravel roads i thought it would be fun... and i found this thing in a shed and only spent 400 bucks on it.
    So i kept the mono shock, but removed the entire rear assembly, bolt on frame etc... Made myself a seat, bent some steel to replace the part of the frame i scrapped, put the seat on it, now i need to rewire it, install rear lights... and some other fun custom stuff.

    I figured this would be a fun project to work on until i get the nerve to get myself an old ironhead basketcase and tear into it... If anyone cares i can post some pics as i go. Its fun for me and keeps me out of trouble. :)
  2. HDDon

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    While this is a Harley site, we do enjoy watching projects come together.
  3. SpringerSteve98

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    Right on... I'll post some pics next week...

    I know its a HD site.. But its simply the best motorcycle forum i've found on the internet anywhere. So for all you die hard HD fans, i'll put a harley in the pics :p
  4. fin_676

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    I always like to see any kind of motorcycle project come together i have been involved with motorcycles since 1975 but have only been on the Harley scene for about 6 years most of my projects were European motorcycle rebuilds although i did do a Honda from a box of bits about 6 years ago
    so i will take an interest in anything you post

  5. mat 60

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    I also would like to see your project....I dont like mushrooms but my wife eats them on everything...
  6. gs34

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    There's a youngster close by (mid 20s I'd say) That likes to pick up old Yammys, Hondas, etc and turn them into bobbers. He has a ball doing it and really, some of them have turned out really well.
    He never pays much for them and normally gets a little profit from one when he's done riding it.
    Harley or's always fun to see a project coming together.
    Good luck.....we'll be waiting for the pictures.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    This should be interesting and fun lets see the pics:D
  8. Charlies Harley

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    I can relate with the keeping you out of trouble part, I for one would enjoy watching your project and others come together.
    I have been working on a 12x25 addition to the house for bike shop and high class storage, the build is done and still working on the in ground hoist I would of posted pics but this computer refuses to let me download pics on it.
  9. SpringerSteve98

    SpringerSteve98 Active Member

    If you need any advice on low budget building or any general construction tips let me know in a private message or something. I've been in home construction for 10+ years, and have built many homes/shops/shouses.

    P.S. a Shouse is a shop/house - Its the new term for a metal building that about half of is finished inside and livable.
  10. geezer

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    Just wondering why you don't want to take your Harley on gravel roads? I do all the time and people think I'm nuts but I haven't figured out why I shouldn't ride on gravel.
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