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    I was just wondering what the forums views on speed cameras are? Do you think they should be installed to prevent accidents in accident black spots? Do you think they actually cause rather than prevent accidents? Are they in your view purely for raising revenue? Do you have any stories to back up your views?

    I ask these questions as here in the UK the authorities love these things they are SUPPOSED to be used in accident blackspot areas (part of the planning requirement) but it widley believed they are mostly used to raise revenue for local government. I live near to a well known road dubed one of the most dangerous roads in the UK the Macclesfield to Buxton road (Cat and Fiddle), due to the large amount of accidents to motorcyclists (usualy wanabe sports bike road racers). So special rear facing avarage speed cameras (designed to catch bike plates) are being installed but not on the twisty bits where the accidents happen but on the nice straight section which open with clear views.
    this is a link to a commentary ride on the Cat & Fiddle road YouTube - The Cat and Fiddle on camera

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    I agree it seems another excuse to raise revenue but if a road like the cat & fiddle has had so many bike crashes, surely any attempt to cut down speed and save a few lives is not a bad thing. Anyway, what's wrong with keeping to the 50mph limit on a road like this - or any other road for that matter?
    As regards the positioning of the cameras, I think there's not much point putting them AT the bends because its on the straights APPROACHING the bends that the problems are caused, with riders goin in with too much speed, braking too hard and resultant control problems....
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    Funny isnt it a lot of the speed cameras are in the city and not on the country roads
    i personally think that a lot are sighted to gather revenue i know of a few that are located just after the lower speed limit sign
    But i try to avoid the city when on the bike and i have miles of beautifull scenery and nice roads to choose from however there are a lot of people that think that 40 is fast enough you get past one and your stuck behind the next

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    We're copping more and more of these insidious things.But only in the guise that they're good for us.Apparently,speed kills.And thankfully it starts to kill at only 2 KPH OVER POSTED SPEED LIMITS!Never mind that under Australian Design Rules,speedos are permitted 'accuracy of range' at plus or minus 10%!

    Much is made by stupid people (mostly Politicians) in this country about how these things save lives.No concrete data to support their warm fuzzy feelings,though.

    Personally,i cannot understand how one can drive like an idiot at tremendous speed,get their picture taken and be allowed to continue on their merry way!
    As long as,i guess,they get their well earned fine and thanks from the Government in the mail.
    Three weeks later.
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    They are real revenue generators for munies that are cash strapped.
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    Used in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The red light cameras to catch those that run the red and also catch people speeding have signs warning motorists they're approaching a photo intersection. Also have mobile units that are setup for school zones and construction zones. Funny thing is they'd have them set-up on Sundays when noone was around the construction or school zones and ticket people anyway even when the speed signs posted would state "when workers present".
    The city raked in alot of cash on that until a judge deamed it an illegal practice.
    So, yeah, it's a cash grab that started out as a safety idea.

    Nothing deters speeders like a real police officer in a cruiser.
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    No wonder they have accidents, the car is on the wrong side of the road!!:laugh
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    I think OldHippy said it,

    If they want safety and propper driving, they should put patrol cars out on the road. I like the idea of safe roads where everyone respects their own ability and safety of others and I am for regulation, but imho, speed traps are not the way to go.

    They cause late braking, and the predictable slow down just for a couple of seconds until the driver is out of sight of the camera. And most of all, it does not catch tailgaters, which I feel are more dangerous than someone going 5 mph over the posted speed limit on an empty road.

    Take care,
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    In principles, I agree with the use of speed cameras.
    The problems are the speed limits and who assign them to a road.
    If the speed limit were really matching the characteristics of the road, I have no problem to respect and make respect the limits.
    But too often the limits are, let's say "prudential"...:s

    When I happened to drive in Switzerland, I noticed that the speed limits were always appropriate and , in some cases, even higher than the standard: on normal routes, the limit is 80 kmh, but in some parts, where the road was straight and wide, they increased to 100 kmh!!!!
    This is an efficent management of the traffic!
    The bad side, but absolutely correct in this case, is that if they catch you running faster... you're dead!!!!

    But Switzerland is an happy island... alone in an ocean of "easy cash generator" traps!

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    We have them in Arizona, check out the "Monkey Mask Speeder" online.