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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by hillcountryflt, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. hillcountryflt

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    I am considering purchasing a 1988 883 to keep me going while I work on my shovel and to provide the wife something to ride. Plus, heck I would like to ride something entirely different and lighter than the 850 pound gorilla I ahve now. The bike is from the same guy I bought the shovel and it was put up pretty good. It has sat for about 7 years, it has 16k miles on it and a lot of chrome eagle bling.
    Generally, was this a good year for sportsters? Yeah, I know bumping it to a 1200 would be nice, but initially, I would just want to get it running and use it for my commuter bike while working on the shovel.
    The purchase price is very reasonable and I anticipate battery, tires, changing oils, getting manuals will cost me about $700. At that point I will still be below what a lot of people think is a good buy.
    I believe the power plant/trans is pretty much stock. Shorter rear shocks are installed. It has both a one-up and a two-up seats with a sissy bar.
    Bad choice? Good idea? Just keep working on the shovel?
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    I like sportsters also and a 1998 should not hold any real issues the solid mount evo sportsters had a lot of changes in 1994 which sorted out most of the problems of the earlier models and any changes between 1994 and 2004 were only minor adjustments on a year by year basis
    id say good bike to have just make sure you have the correct service manual for that year

  3. Jack Klarich

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    Always had a soft spot for Sportsters, good machines and fun to hot rod:D
  4. hillcountryflt

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    Well going to go ahead and get the sportster. Looking forward to something completely different from my 82 shovelhead to work on and drive. Hope to pick it up in a couple of weeks.
    With luck I should be able to always have at least one scooter running.