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Video Games


What is your favorite video game? I like to play Kingdom Hearts and Resident Evil. GTA is great too; you get to run people over and run away from the cops :p (something I have never done in real life).
I haven't played any video games in a while and when I do they're usually on my computer. I don't know why but I guess I've just been too busy lately. I have heard that Resident Evil is a good game though. I'll have to try to find something to enjoy this winter.
The original contra for the Nintendo was a good game but that dates back quite a while. Out of the games, they have now I like Resident Evil and Metroid. Halo for the X-box is a great game.
I don't really play videogames other than on the computer. I like to play games that challenge my coordination and my mind like Zuma and Insaniquarium Deluxe. I may have to check out GTA because the running over people sounds like it would be funny to watch.
I don't have much free time for video games but if I play I prefer a good RPG that keeps me busy and interested like Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts.
I have not played many video games at all lately. One of my sons like Halo 2 a lot. The other one plays sports games. My daughter likes RPGs and things like that. She loves Fire Emblem. One of my favorite oldies is Toe Jam and Earl from the days of the old Sega system. That game was just fun!
Halo is my all time favorite. I love the intricacy of this game and trying to find all of the enemies on the time challenges always keep me occupied for a while.
Only classic games for me. Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man and a game called Alex The Kidd are all awesome, they are the only games I ever play anymore.
We have been playing a lot of sports based games lately. Madden and NHL mainly, and on weekends we have been playing Godfather and a few others like it. We play together a lot. We al;so really like Guitar Hero and are anxious for the new one to come out.