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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tubguy, Mar 5, 2011.

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    Anyone know where there mght be a video on how to clean my heavy breather K&N cone filter? Wanted to see how it was washed and then oiled to keep the red colour that it has....

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    All K&N filters that I have had are easy to clean with their cleaning kit. It comes with a cleaner that you spray on then you wash out with water. After the filter is dry, you spray with the oil that comes in the kit. Very easy to do and the oil has a red tint.
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    I just cleaned and re-oiled my Heavy Breather filter. It is a little tricky compared to a regular flat filter or a donut filter. Spray the cleaner on the filter – dirty side first (outside) then the clean side (inside). I spray on quite a bit – until it’s dripping wet inside and out. Let it sit for 10 minutes then run low pressure cool water from the inside out. I used my laundry tap which is about 6” long. I inserted the tap into the filter running it front to back and rotating it after each pass. Do this for about 10 minutes or so then shake off excess water and let it dry for 24 hrs naturally. Do not blow dry or set it by a heat register. Just put it on a table open end up for 24 hrs. I have always cleaned my K&N filters twice before oiling. It comes out a little cleaner the second time, but that is up to you.

    K&N sells 2 different filter cleaning kits or you can buy everything separately. One kit has the spray on cleaner and the oil in an aerosol can – K&N 99-5000. The other has the spray on cleaner and the oil in a squeeze bottle – K&N 99-5050.

    I tried the oil in the aerosol can once and did not like the results. You can easily over oil the filter and then you have to clean it all over again. So if you haven’t purchased your cleaning kit yet, get the one with the squeeze bottle - K&N 99-5050. It’s the same price. If you have the kit with the oil in an aerosol can, buy the oil in the squeeze bottle separately. You may have to order it and costs around $5 -7. K&N 99-0533

    To oil the filter flip the top on the squeeze bottle. You will notice that the tip has a guide on the end of it. Turn bottle upside down and start at one end of one of the outside pleats and very gently squeeze the bottle and run it along the top the pleat. The trick is not to stop or to much oil will go on the pleat. After a couple of pleats you will get the hang of it. DO ONLY THE OUTSIDE TOP PLEATS & DO NOT OIL INSIDE OF FILTER - this oil goes a long way so after you are done let the filter sit for a least 30 minutes before inspecting the coverage inside and out.
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    Go not over oil the filter:s
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    biggest thing with K&N filters is NOT to over oil them. better to put a light coating on first then let sit for couple hours then go back and touch up light areas. every vehicle i own is running a K&N filter even my john deere garden tractor has one in it.
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    One of those How Long is a Piece of Thread questions here but:

    In non-dusty/desert climate (England probably similar to Coastal Oregon or Washington State at a guess) roughly how many miles between cleaning a Million Miles K and N filter? I suppose I could just go and open her up and have a look lol!
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    I'd open it up and take a look at least yearly, like when it's coming outta hibernation.

    With every oil change might work as long as you don't mind the work.

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    This is the best site ever!!!! Thanks to all that take the time to comment, this is my most favorite site.