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  1. daseeger

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    Had new rear tire installed at dealer on Thursday, rode home and to work the following day no issues. Saturday put about 70 miles on bike and out of nowhere have vibration in forward controls bad enough to put feet and lower legs to sleep. Any ideas?????? Bike is 2006 Superglide FXDI with 7,500 miles.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Motor mounts may be going bad, or rear tire may have slung the weights off and now the imbalance on the tire is causing this JMO
  3. kemo

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    I agree with Jack, check to see if there is any weight on the rear wheel. I usually find though that you won't feel any vibration if the tire balance is only an ounce or so out.
  4. daseeger

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    No weights were required for tire balance.
  5. Hoople

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    Needing no weights at all to balance a tire is very rare. Maybe on the front tire it can happen,,,,but on the rear tire it is so rare that I would have to see it with my own eyes to believe it.

    Laced wheels or cast? At what speed does the vibration happen or peak at. Can you "drive through" the vibration to where it will smooth out. A True wheel imbalance will have a fundamental & harmonic (2nd/3rd order) of vibration. The vibration will rarely start at say 40mph and just keep getting worse.

    Need more detail & information to be of any help.
  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    First question for me would be is it speed or RPM related. Does it happen accelerating AND decelerating through the same speed range? When you hit the speed where it happens, and you pull in the clutch lever and let the engine drop to idle, does it go away?

    Hope you get it figured out!
  7. walleye

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    Similar thing happened to me after having a tire replaced. Turned out to be when they did the repair they had to remove one of the pipes, and when they put it back on they had the rear mount bracket on the pipe all the way up against the mounting bracket on the bike and this transffered terrible vibration as you describe throughout the scooter. Check that first.