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I have a 07 EGC and it has developed a vibration in the floor boards. Anybody else have this problem?
There's been some problems on some bikes with the motor mount in front. Check the torque on the bolt and make sure that the mount isn't separated.
Have the dealer check the runout on the crankshaft with a dial indicator. Seems there have been many that get out of the factory with excessive runout . I think the norm is about .001 to .003. If it is too far out it ends up eating the oil pump up. There's been some that the MOCO replaced the entire engine because the runout was excessive.
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I have a 2003 roadking with 8,600 miles. Its been back to the dealer fthree times for front motormount problem. At the end of last year they replaced the front mount. Now with about 60 miles the engine is bouncing around again. I know it should be retorqued again, but I've had this problem since new, anyone else expreiencing this issue?

I have an '07 Ultra and no problems with vibrating floorboards. I can feel the thumping of the pistons but thats a "smooth, clean" vibration. I would have it checked!
ive just gotta ask what kind of vibration would be felt if the fly-wheels where out ? is it a very noticeable kind of vib ? does it get worst as speed and rpm increase ..... any thoughts