Vibration;Out of Round Flywheels;Broken Motor Mount

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    I have been riding for the past 30 some years and I am on my second Harley, my first was a 96 Heritage. My current ride is a 2006 Ultra that was purchased new in Dec. 05 which I have put 32K miles on to date has had a vibration issue since the day I rode it off the dealers lot. The vibration is a high frequency vibration that is felt in the floor boards, foot pegs mounted to the highway bar, and the handlebars. It makes the windshield and faring shake and rattle extremely bad and has broken a faring mount once. It has broken the front motor mount four times. The dealer has replaced the motor mount each time and the faring bracket under the factory and/or extended warranty. The dealer has, over the past two and one half years had several theories as to why my bike is having these issues. Some of their reasons have been; the bike is not stock because it has slip on pipes, modified air filter and a stage one download (they abandoned this reason when I reminded them that they did the stage one work and installed all that stuff); defective motor mounts; motor and frame alignment issues.
    In the mean time I keep riding the bike and it still has the vibration. I had a 10K service done several weeks ago prior to taking a 2600 mile trip up through the Smoky Mountains. By the time I got home from the trip the vibration was getting really bad again and I thought I might have broken another motor mount. This time I took the bike to a different dealership (same owner but a different location, different mechanics). I made it very clear what the history of the bike has been and that I was getting really fed up with problem and wanted some answers. The mechanic test rode the bike and instantly agreed that there was in fact a problem. His theory was that the flywheels were out of round and he wanted my authorization to open the engine. I gave the authorization and after tearing it down I was told that the flywheels were in fact found to be “out of round” and that there was a “flat spot” found on one bearing that was probably caused by the flywheel problem. I don’t have the bike back yet; I expect to have it back sometime this coming week so I won’t know if it’s really fixed until I do get it back. I have told several people about this and some have said that Harley has an issue with out of round unbalanced flywheels but that they have not issued a recall. I know that a lot of people have vibration issues with Harley’s. Has anyone else had this problem or heard anything about a flywheel quality control problem?
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    There has been a lot of problems with the newer flywheels with excessive run out being fixed under warranty but not as many with the 06 models as with the new ones. One cure for the shifting of the wheels is to have them welded and balanced and this usually will end the problem with the wheels. It's something that harley took a short cut with to save $$$ and ended up causing a problem for the owners of these bikes.
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    In my opinion the new flywheels are doorstops.Junk.Outsourced garbage.Gimme a five piece tapered set anyday.